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1/30/20231 min read

Hello, Thank you for visiting our site.

My name is Larry, and when I say "our" site that is just my way of avoiding narcissism. There is a "US' but more about that as we go along. For now, I think a short explanation of why "The Nonprofit Prophet", and a few words about what purpose we seek to serve.

The Nonprofit can speak for itself. As to the Prophet, I only assume a partial role in that department. Depending on where you get your definitions, a prophet is tasked with bringing a message of truth. While some might believe it means to foretell the future, that is not always the case. So if you are looking for some major revelations about things to come, sorry I may disappoint in that department. My goals are to provide some relevant information about the world we all struggle to survive within.

So keeping that in mind this Blog post will address a variety of subjects. Some of the topics will be personal finance, cooking, health-related subjects, and more. I intend to grab ideas for these posts from people I interact with on a daily basis, topics in the news, trending information, etc. I also want to hear from YOU, use the links below to send in suggestions for discussion, topics of interest, and stories you wish to share.

One last thing in this post that I feel compelled to share. I have a strong belief that ALL of us on planet earth have a common bond. It doesn't matter where we come from, where we live, the color of our skin, the language we speak, or if we believe in a Higher Power, or we don't. We all want basically the same things. We want to live in peace, we want to have clothes to wear, shelter over our heads, food, friends, someone who loves us, and safety, We want to sleep well, live well, and know that our needs are going to be met. Yes, there are those "haters" out there that will always find a reason to disrupt a good life for all of us. To them, I would say, STOP forcing your unhappiness on the rest of us and go be miserable somewhere else.