What Would King David Do (WWKDD)

Quick look at the Psalms


2/18/20231 min read

King David is one of the best-known heroes of the Bible. Anyone that has listened to Bible stories much can certainly recall at least one story about him. The most common of course is his battle with the giant Goliath.

One thing that many of us don't realize is that David seems to have suffered much from depression if only short-term. In fact, reading thru the Psalms makes us wonder if perhaps David could have been a bit Bipolar. He seemed to swing between highs and lows as we read his writings.

Note that especially in some of the Psalms David starts out with a very "woe is me" type of proclamation. But then we can always notice a change as we read along. He starts to praise God, and things change. By the end of his writing, David is back on top, with hope for the future,

Read a few of these for yourself and take note of what he does. Then the next time you feel down, try applying David's method. Give God praise for who HE is, what HE has done, and what you know HE can do. See if your mood doesn't take a turn for the better.

Have a blessed day.